We are advocates and enthusiasts for all kinds of interesting work, ours and others.  Here are some of the things catching our attention.


Oregon Story Board:  Training the Future

Starting in June, Oregon Story Board will be offering classes to train the builders of the VR future.  Their mission is to attract a wide variety of thinkers, from diverse backgrounds, to participate in this emerging economy.  We've watched enough industries started by white boy cliques, who later tried to diversify, to think that beginning from a broader base is a great idea. 

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Tempest:  Live Digital

After an inaugural run at the Royal Shakespeare Theater in Stratford-upon-Avon, the Tempest is heading to the Barbican in London (Jun 30 - Aug 18).  It was a truly magical experience to work with the creatives at the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Imaginarium at such an early stage of the Live Digital revolution; and more than a bit of that magic is on display for audiences.


Che Guevara: Experiential Critical Thinking

University of California, Riverside is driving a compelling investigation into the potential for VR as a tool to help a wide variety of university students develop a robust practice of critical thinking.  The first expression is an investigation of a 1959 Che Guevara speech.  The future?  That is yet to be written.